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John Andrae
Nov 14, 2009
Thanks to KRUN for streaming the Blizzards playoff game last night. I just found this service and will be a loyal South Carolina follower of the Blzzards next season.
Nov 13, 2009
Toby I hope you are not refering to the comment I posted regarding Jeri...isn't this  america?....don't we have a right to our opinion and the right to be heard...my opinion is based on knowing her personally and working with her in the past. I am no more gutless or a coward than you. Maybe if you want only positive comments posted YOU SHOULD BE MORE SPECIFIC..let your listeners and web site visitors know that your station only wants to hear positive comments. Maybe its you that is gutless and a coward for not posting my opinion.  anonymity or not
Toby Virden
Nov 11, 2009
It is easy for gutless people to hide in the shadows of anonymity and cast stones at those in the spotlight. It is difficult for cowards to put their name on a negative comment.  It is disappointing to see anonymous negative comments being posted in this guestbook section.  That is NOT the intention of the guestbook.  If you plan to make negative remarks anonymously, don't expect to see them posted here. This is not a sight for Monday morning quarterbacks.
Bearcat fan
Nov 09, 2009
Thanks to the sponsors of KRUN I was able to listen to the pep rally last Friday and the football game on the net.Keep up the good work.KRUN is the best!!From Midland,Tx.
loyal listener!
Nov 05, 2009
MORE MUSIC in the mornings!!!

Thanks yall are great!
Nov 04, 2009
Dawn i cannot believe you came to work in your slippers!!! Did you have a another late night?

p.s. my mom told me
Nov 03, 2009
I really enjoy the website. I check it everyday for just about anything and found some very useful things on here. Keep up the good work.
Kody Mac
Oct 10, 2009
Well I'm back to make a little comment. Glad to see KRUN doing what they do so well!
Oct 06, 2009
Go Ballinger Bearcats! Good luck on yall's football season!  GO BIG RED!
Brenda Burton
Oct 01, 2009
Welcome home, Jerri! Love hearing your laugh again! Hope we get to hear more of you when you're not out "selling". Good luck, from your OLD Winters pal.

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