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Guestbook Entries
Wanda Virden
Jan 20, 2010
After viewing the results of the candidates forum questions, it brought on concern due to the high percentage of people who were not interested in hearing the views of our local candidates.  Could this be a big reason why our country is getting in the shape it's in?  Maybe it's our own fault for becoming complacent.  We all need to vote, but at the same time, we need to be as educated as possible about whom or what we are voting.
Angela & gang
Dec 24, 2009
Just wanted to say thanks for the great lunch on Wednesday, we all enjoyed it (GREAT STEW DAWN)and visiting with everyone.  Thanks again and a Very Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
Maddie Oliver
Dec 19, 2009
i love the music ya'll play every day.
jolene dennis aguirrie
Dec 14, 2009
hello all i like the mousic but would love for you to play some rock at times
Dec 13, 2009
Go Bearcat Basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Korn
Dec 11, 2009
I would like to Thank First Community Credit Union for all they do for Cancer research. Thank You
Caleb Virden
Dec 03, 2009
I just wanna say thanx to Toby, Dawn, and Jerri for helping me sell the turkeys for my Tokyo trip and thanx to everyone who purchased one.
Nov 18, 2009
LOVE the emphasis on how you look 'FORWARD' to the day, Toby!  Hahaha!  Let's not fret to much on the 'unbiased' opinions of a disgruntled ex-employee whose leaving might not have been under the most ideal circumstances... You'd think ten some odd years would have healed old wounds.
Toby Virden
Nov 18, 2009
Well David, three posts and STILL no last name.  You most certainly did strike a nerve with me.  If you EVER intend to attack one of my staff unjustly, you can bet you have struck a nerve and will feel my wrath.  I never called anyone a name.  Names are nouns, verbs are descriptors.  Once I had a proper name, no descriptors were used.  I look FORWARD to the day we can discuss this.
Nov 18, 2009
well..well.. mr. virden i think im the one that struck a nerve with you and that was not my intension. i was simply letting you know how i felt about jeri returning to krun..why you feel like resorting to name calling is very unprofessional in my opinion.after going thruogh the guestbook i saw many others posting anonymous comments.are you saying all of them are gutless cowards too ?...well im not gonna resort to name calling. and as for sayiny what i posted face to face to you i dont have a problem with.someday our paths may cross and you and i can discuss this further.

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